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Eloquent Thoughts
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Below are the 9 most recent journal entries recorded in Celia's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, May 5th, 2004
10:23 am
I need you so much closer...
I hate Death Cab and Transatlanticism in times of weakness such as this one. Didn't think I'd cry today. I mean, it's a fact that I'll miss everyone all summer long, especially while I'm here thru July. But reflecting upon this first year and watching my friends drive or fly off just fucking kills me. If I'd gone to UK, I keep thinking, I wouldn't have this heartbreak...all my friends would be right there and would head North on 75 alongside me, and we'd hang in Union every day. There are no goodbyes when you stick around your home. But when you leave...oh man, when you leave the ups and downs blow you away. I have been so happy this year and I'm reassured every day at USC that coming here was the best decision I've ever made. But the high emotional calibur of life now is exhausting, however exciting. I'm just wiped. And I'm over wondering if people in KY miss me, b/c I figure my lifelong friends will always be in touch. I'll want to call them, they'll want to call me. We'll meet up when I DO come home. It's not as if I'm testing people, but I'm certainly testing myself. Can I survive the next two months sans my little support group around me? God, I'm worn out. At least I have my iTunes. My computer is going to crash, no fucking joke, but I'm happy if the thing only holds my MP3s. Internet schminternet (??).
"I am in the twilight of my youth, not that I'm going to remember. All these people in my life seem so in love...well I am not. Memorizing my shoes in a cigarette shop. Does anybody wanna take me home?"

Current Mood: sad
Friday, April 16th, 2004
12:48 pm
I love David Stagg, the Gamecock columnist/Media Arts junior...I should definitely meet (coughSEDUCEcoughcough) him. Hanneke will help me.

Ah yes, a couple records that are (to me) timeless...I can listen to them over and over again:

BK's Sha Sha
Dark Side (typical, I know, but it's truly amazing)
Dave and Tim, Live at Luther College (did I just hear my indie cred shatter? I think so, but I don't fucking care...it's acoustic perfection)
Eric's sophomore year Saves the Day mix...it always pumps me up, especially driving, and reminds me of old times (mixed emotions, fo shizzle--listen to Rocks Tonic Juice Magic and just TRY not to hate someone...it's hard)

My mind just went blank...I was forming this mental list in class this morning and now I can't think of any. Ok, really, I'm done with livejournal pour le jour.

ONE MORE THING: Please please do yourself a favor and download iTunes. It's truly an incredible FREE commodity that any music lover will cherish...my favorite hobby these days is adding tracks to my library, sad as it may seem. Put it on random and you have like a soundtrack to each day. Yeah, you'll be amazed. Who cares that I just anti-segued from crazy jam rock to Chris O'Riley's super-moving piano rendition of "Fake Plastic Trees" and the chicks in my hall think I'm weird? "And if I could be who you wanted all the time..."

Current Mood: determined
12:32 pm
So yeah...
Man, nobody even knows I have a livejournal...I forget I have a livejournal. I should be writing in my real journal, but I'm already online, and so whatever. I need to go finish Astronomy so that shit is OUT OF MY MIND and I can focus on other shitty classes. But oh sweet action, I'm going to Athens on Tuesday night for BK, Death Cab and Pedro. Ben was on Conan the other night and watching him perform got me so psyched for the show. I don't so much have any MONEY (for gas, merch, drugs, food), but my tix are at willcall and so I'll BE THERE, even if we hitchike, starve, endure it completely unaided by pharmacuticals, and walk away without buying a tshirt or buttons. Music is my anti drug. I hate those damn commercials, oh my gosh. Chad the other day said something funny and ironic:

"It's the craziest thing, but whenever I see a Truth ad, I just go light up a cigarette. The message isn't turning me away from tobacco, but causing me to crave it!"

Damn, I could use a schmig right now. I wish I had a house like the boys' with a front porch my friends could puke off of, and a second kitchen sink that fits a grav bong like pure magic. D and I said we'd have a smoking room set aside for just chilling and smoking whatever...but now she's quitting. That's awesome, but I feel like a terrible friend when I light up in front of her. I should quit sometime. I only had 2 yesterday (out of sheer laziness and inopportunity to go buy some), so I know I'm not like a crazy person without the nicotine. Tomorrow we're going to Edisto, I think, which could be really fun or really lame. I don't think I know Edisto aside from wasting away at the condo listening to Dylan and passing out by 5 PM. I hope the girls are having a shindig tonight...I need a social scene and some ol' fashioned keg beer. First I should pee though...and do that goddam astronomy. ONLY 3 LEFT = SWEEEEEEEEEEEET.
12:30 pm
took a indie snob test...yea, I passed with flying colors! (knowing me, black and red)
i am an indie snob!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You're just too cool for school, aren't you? You're pretty narrow minded
and opinionated with regards to music (and probably most other things
as well). But you're allowed to be, because you really are better
than everyone else. You take pride in obscurity.
You probably prefer vinyl too, you elitist bitch.

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, March 16th, 2004
2:17 am
damn you, coffee buzz...I am le tired, but won't/can't sleep!
I'm streaming WUSC right now, listening to Ashley, beaming like a proud mother or mentor, when really, I taught her nothing, she's just a natural radio personality. And this band--Thom Yorke's brother's band!--is amazing...simply beautiful. On that note...so many beautiful fellas emerging from hibernation as spring unfolds! Of course, the plaid shorted and polo-ed Kens almost always come packaged, plastic hand-in-hand with Southern Belle Barbies--now complete with Vera Bradley bags, tiny denim skirts, tinier tank tops and incredible whore-action! I'm cynical as hell, but YOU try living in a building with 600 of these and maintaining a fresh outlook and positive self-image. My jeans and thrift store T-o'-the-day hold their own, though, I must say. I'm a happy girl. Life is gooooood. It'd be better if all the guys I adored didn't have girlfriends, but what are you gonna do? haha BE PATIENT and practice nonchalance, that's what! Eventually I'll lose sight of what I was even being patient for, and the nonchalance will be genuine, right?! (Just nod, friends.)
12:40 am
I'm hesitant to let my mind wander anywhere BUT in the lame LiveJournal from years past b/c my true, tangible journal (a cheap red spiral that I loved and had written beaucoup de personal shit in) was lost/stolen a couple weeks ago. (Stolen makes me feel like less of an assclown, seeing as the week I "misplaced" the damn thing I also misplaced my Carolina Card, keys, and a CD visor with some of my all time fucking favorites--Death Cab, Weakerthans, Ester Drang, etc.) That week was also one of drunken stupor and all-around physical impurity on my part...straight up crazy, uncharacteristic crap that amounted to nothing but a few funny stories and missing items (the aforementioned). But I won't kick my own ass over it...no regrets, man, no regrets. What's the point? I'm currently debating whether or not to stay in Columbia for Maymester and/or first summer session...get some crap classes out of the way, prolong going back to the void that is Union, KY, you know. Boo, I don't even want to think about the likely sucky summer approaching rapidly. Spring Break was fun (also just really drunk and stupid-grade fun, but hey); back to the daily grind today, though. I'm working on an article for the Gamecock about WUSC. And when I say "working on" I mean that I've been assigned the said article and I need to turn it in by Sunday, but I haven't typed the first word. Naturally, I'm instead rambling furiously on KILY's computer (my internet won't connect...fucking Patterson) in the dark. Coffee's kicked in, but I realized to my horror that I don't even have laundry detergent left to do my damn laundry (an enormous heap of jeans, mostly, and one puked-upon hoodie...thanks alot, boring Edisto Island, for driving me to drink myself into oblivion that obnoxious afternoon), for which I caffeinated myself in the first place...ugh. I want to sleep with a musician. Oops, there it flew. Not that such information is classified, by any means, but typing it out so bluntly is just ridiculous. I think I'll hit up every show I can in the several weeks we have left of this semester and finally morph into my groupie alter-ego that I've claimed for years (since I saw Almost Famous and dreamed I was Kate Hudson) but never acted upon. Yes, I think it's that time. Someone try to talk me out of it, please, haha. Ok, I'm finished for the night. I really have too much to do to justify sitting online until the wee hours, a' la high school. HA, high school...*sigh.
Sunday, March 7th, 2004
11:23 am
WOW, it's been a fucking long time...
Yeah, so I completely neglected LiveJournal for about 9 months...and what a 9 months chock-full of changes and turbulence and amazing times it has been! I'm about to embark on a 2-beach spring break escapade--first Edisto (right?) and then Myrtle, with my girl Deidre, naturally. We're inseparable, it seems. Summer is gonna blow when she's in NY, Kily in DC, Ang in Cali, Hanneke in AZ and a gazillion other great people far far away from Kentucky...road trips! Aight, shower time (and the livin's easy, haha). We're listening to Pearl Jam. I need prayers for this week seeing as we purchased 70 bucks worth of liquor for just the two of us...good luck and God speed, I suppose. LAAAAAATER.
Saturday, June 7th, 2003
11:50 am
This sucks...I love writing so much, but I'd rather pull out my actual journal and scribble down stuff than get online and do it. Maybe Live Journal's just not for me...and I have a busy summer planned, so I don't forsee much "down time" to just sit on here and type out everything I feel, whenever I feel it. Ugh...I just ate 2 bowls of the GENERIC Lucky Charms (aptly called "Marshmallow Treasures," if one was curious) and now I feel so sick...and I have 2 grad parties to hit up this afternoon/evening...it's already noon? Geez, I stay up too late and then sleep all morning...common occurance, yes, but Mom hates it. I do feel like I wasted half a day. Miles (brother) is calling me to go watch Office Space with him...it IS filarious (fucking hilarious). I'm out.
Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
10:55 pm
Today was my first day at work--in the Cafe at Barnes and Noble. I didn't F anything up too bad, just asked questions galore of my manager. I think I'll like it, at least just to get me off my ass and out of the house...and to learn some sort of work ethic, too. Babysitting has lost its novelty, fo sho. I'm so tired, I don't think I even want to type. But after creating a Live Journal, I hated seeing it blank. Surely I'll post again soon, like tomorrow...I'm in a decent mood, overall, just tired and full (Ma made a kick ass dinner tonight). Later days.
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